Agra Weather in May Month

Agra is a fascinating city with a rich traditional background and interesting religious aspects which makes the city more interesting. It is a city with rich cultural, historical, architectural and religious attachments. It is a city that is synonymous with the history of India. It has enriched the nation with its philosophical contributions over the centuries.

Moderately mostly very warm and pleasant climate in summers and cold climate in winters are the main features of Agra. The average temperatures during summers (March to June) are between 40°C and 35°C and with a maximum touching about 45°C.

Summer has just begun with the ending of March and beginning of May and will last until June. In May temperature may rise up to 40°c. In nights there is pleasant climate, you can explore Agra in evening. May month is the warmest month for Agra. If planning to visit Agra during May month, so it is advisable does not take up any travel plan in this month, you cannot move outside easily Because of very hot wave blowing. In May month without coolers, fans and air conditioners, life cannot be imagined. If you do, you’ll need to take a hat – drink plenty of water and try to stay out of the midday sun. You can say that in the month of May, Agra experiences the highest heat. Whose temperature increase 48 °C. Because of which you cannot enjoy your journey.

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